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Vertical signage

Production processes and application


1.1- STEEL

In PACASA, we work with the latest technology to produce any type of signs and signals, conforming to current rules and the demands of our clients.

PACASA has several facilities with assembly lines, managing all steps of the fabrication process from the raw material until the finished product, always supervised by its internal quality audit.



The company Patricio Cabezas pie has several years of experience in the manufacturing of vertical signposting with aluminium, a material that is lighter, more resistant and, aesthetic than traditional steel.

During all this time, improving the design, material, the assembly and the fabrication process has been the constant goal of the company, in order to provide our clients always the best possible service.

Therefore, PACASA offers exclusive designs for supports as well as for profiles and supply elements.

To guarantee the best implementation olthe manufacturing, the best suppliers have been chosen. In fact, the company has been able to come to an agreement with the multinational company SAPA concerning the fabrication of our products with our design. SAPA is established in Spain, Portugal and France, where its experience has created an important competitive advantage concerning the quality of aluminium, which also benefits PACASA and its clients.


All other production processes are carried out 100% in our factory, where the raw material is received, the sheet metal, profiles and supports are cut, the profiles are bend to the desired measure and the units are assembled. Apart from that, the reflecting and labelling of the signs is done. The signs have continuously been developed by us for the last 25 years. Thus, all production processes are under our control, which avoids a rise of costs.

Due to these conditions, PACASA benefits from a considerable competitive advantage in aluminium signposting, considering the proportion of quality of the material and production costs, which are considerably lowered due to its exclusive contract with SAPA and the manufacturers' conditions.

PACASA offers the possibility to personalize the material if the client wishes to. Support, profiles and clamps can be painted or varnished with colours from the scale RAL.

Apart from material supply, PACASA provides installation of the signposts, if required. In the following part, you will find all details about our aluminium products in PACASA. First, you will find a summary of the components of the aluminium signposts, including information panels as well as code signs.

Secondly, you will find the most important information about the material. Finally, you'lI find the specific technieal details and quality criteria which are applied to the material.



The company PACASA, dedicated to the Road Signaling from 1972, incorporates a new scale of illuminated traffic signs into its wide catalog. These signs are formed by LEDs arranged strategically on the transmitting content of the sign.

There are signs made entirely of aluminum and they have light emitting diodes (LEDs) of high luminosity.

The purpose of these signs is reinforcing the intensity of significance of its content in places of special risk, where extra warning is necessary.

- Signs made of aluminum alloy 6023
- Closed housing of aluminum profile 45mm
- Reflective vinyl , levels E.G., H.I., D.G.
- Waterproof
- All the electronic components have projection grade IP65 (highly resistant outdoors, with resistance to humid ambiences of 100 %)
- Strategic disposition of the LEDs, allowing the visibility of the sign when it is not illuminated.

Its configuration:

- Darkness sensor for the regulation of the grade of lighting, include switch-off of the sign.
- Possible synchronization between series of signs, chaining twinkles in sequence.
- Several functioning ways, differing up to 2 lighting areas with sequentially programmed lighting, to obtain effects of movement, blinking and sequences of lighting.

Electric feeding of the sign is possible with a source of 230V AC, Solarpanel, Photovoltaic and Mixed.

Application for any sign and the possibility of personalizing each signs.



PACASA makes all kinds of structures monolintel and bilintel studying each of them according to its place.